The Birth of a Legend

One day, after watching Tampopo, a hit Japanese comedy that featured a quirky ramen establishment, SANTOUKA’s founder, Hitoshi Hatanaka and his family stopped at a ramen shop for a quick meal. Unsatisfied with the taste of the shop’s ramen, Hatanaka declared that next time, he would be the one making ramen for his family. This simple proclamation marked the beginning of the now – legendary flavor of RAMEN SANTOUKA.

Using the same recipe that won over his family, Hatanaka decided to open his own ramen shop in March 1988, in Asahikawa, located on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. The shop began modestly, with only 9 seats and one item on the menu – Shio Ramen (salt flavor). Initially, the shop was just another ramen shop in a town famous for its tasty ramen, but once the legendary taste of SANTOUKA was sampled, more and more hungry patrons soon followed.

Soon thereafter, the shop was featured in magazines and TV shows such as “the ramen shop always filled to the brim”. Once other mass media and ramen aficionados found out about it, the shop’s popularity skyrocketed. The people of Hokkaido had never before tasted a thin-noodle ramen with such a delicious and elegant soup topped perfectly with mouthwatering slices of Char-siu pork and pickled plums.

It was also around this time when the SANTOUKA specialty Toroniku Char-siu pork first appeared on the menu. Hatanaka had wanted to delight food aware high school and college students with the most delectable Char-siu pork from the “rarest of the rare” pork cheeks.

At the time he founded RAMEN SANTOUKA, Hatanaka wanted to develop a classic ramen for all to enjoy, made with a simple soup that could be savored to the last spoonful and topped with a fabulous Char-siu pork. In essence, a masterfully assembled ramen whose superior ingredients and magnificent, robust flavor would truly stand out and become long-lasting. Even with many shops located throughout Japan and in selected international cities, the fundamentals of RAMEN SANTOUKA remain to this day, unchanged.

Santouka in the Philippines

Santouka Ramen, the legendary brand that has become known globally as “the ramen shop always filled to the brim” began as a humble ramen shop in 1988, located in Japan’s northernmost island ramen, featuring its finely crafted milky soup base, simmered to perfection for 20 hours. To complete the precise ramen recipe, authentic Hokkaido noodles, tender char-siu slices and pickled plum are carefully added into the broth. You can also find the much coveted “rarest of the rare” pork cheeks in all Santouka shops, bringing the exquisite dining experience to the Philippine market.

Owned and propelled by HOKKAIDO RAMEN PHILIPPINES INC, Santouka Ramen Philippines made its debut in Glorietta 4 on February 21, 2013, succeeding its famous chain all over Asia, USA and Canada. With the expert guidance of an authentic Japanese chef, the brand is proud of its genuine Japanese flavor, meticulous quality control supervision and extensive selection of interesting menu made with real Japanese ingredients. Santouka’s menu goes beyond just the classic ramen, thereby making its restaurant a dependable and accessible family destination in Metro Manila.

The Santouka Soup

To achieve our mild, pearl-colored Tonkotso soup, we take the time to simmer the pork bones before adding the vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other special ingredients. We cherish the exceptional taste and flavor of our special soup, ensuring that it is never boiled. We purposefully maintain the soup at its optimal temperature, to be best enjoyed by everyone.

Authentic Quality Ingredients


Pickled plum is our signature topping which is served only with our Shio Ramen. Our pickled plum has a sour taste and light crunchy texture.


We sampled many types of noodles before deciding to use our medium sized noodle. The noodles have a good flavor and aroma and blend well with the soup.


Our menma has a light crunchy texture. The salt has been reduced as much as possible and no extra seasoning has been added to keep the soup flavor of the soup consistent.


Our char-siu is made from one certain part of the pork back ribs where the meat and fatty portions are well balanced.